Zack Stella: Drawn Aboard

UBCon XXVI Zack Stella Announcement

UBCon XXVI Zack Stella Announcement

Ahoy passengers! We bring news fresh off of the S.S. UBCon!

Zack Stella, artist and illustrator for Magic the Gathering and more has come aboard. Zack Stella has brought extraordinary artwork to the world’s most popular trading card game.

Some prime examples include:

True-Name Nemesis, a merfolk after our heart:

Show and Tell:

Soul of Theros:

Daghatar the Adamant:


and Damnable Pact:

Some words from Mr. Stella himself:

I never considered becoming an illustrator. At least, not when I was seven. Sure, I drew a lot. And I mean, a lot. But my original goal, like many seven year olds, was to become (drumroll please!)…

a paleontologist.

This lasted only until I realized what truly fascinated me most was paintings of dinosaurs...

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Super Best Friends Join the Crew

UBCon XXVI Best Friends Announcement

Are you guys as hyped for our first guest announcement as we are? The answer should be yes, because this year we bring to you the Montreal based, always entertaining, Super Best Friends!

That’s right, the YouTube Let’s Play quartet was gracious enough to attend our Buffalonian convention this year.

For those not in the know, Super Best Friends is a group of four friends who host a plethora of video game Let’s Plays and are even featured on Machinima.

Comprised of the main man Matt “McMuscles”


survival horror aficionado “Angriest” Pat


fighting game master Woolie “Woolz”


and ladies’ man, Liam


they produce videos, podcasts, skits, and vlogs.

Their official website hosts all of the aforementioned content, merch, and even their blog...

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UBCon XXVI Tickets are Live

UBCon XXVI Ticket Announcement

Good news potential UBCon attendees! You can now upgrade yourself from a “potential” attendee to a “confirmed” one as of now! That’s right, tickets for UBCon XXVI are now live. The tickets can be purchased from the University at Buffalo’s SBI Online Ticket store here.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Preregistration Weekend Pass: $20

Friday Only Pass: $10

Saturday Only Pass: $15

Sunday Only Pass: $10

Tickets can be purchased in any combination and in any quantity (though if you will be attending more than one day, we encourage you to purchase the preregistration pass).

After purchasing your tickets, you will pick them up upon your arrival to UBCon in April.

Note: Tickets can be purchased at the door, though the price of a weekend pass will raise from $20 to $25 as the preregistration price is...

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Event Submission is ONLINE

Registration is Open

Event Submission for UBCon XXVI: Heart of the Sea is now online.

If you are interested in running an event, you can register an account and submit your event here.

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Welcome to UBCon XXVI

UBCON color compressed

UBCon XXVI will be April 17th – April 19th 2015

For more updates as they come please visit our event page on Facebook

Art credit for logo to Dan Rossi

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UBCon Nerf War Rules


Hi everyone. If you’re intending to participate in the nerf war this year, make sure  you watch this video first.

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